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Why Choose Us

Professional Experts

Our team consist of in-house business and technology experts with a range of experience gained across some of the largest successfully executed Oil & Gas, LNG, Pulp & Paper and Mining Projects across the world.

Innovative Development

We are constantly innovating, endlessly adapting to the latest technologies and work processes which ensures we can provide the best solutions to answer your business challenges.

Our combined experience across multiple business streams gives us the unique advantage of providing new solutions for more industries.​​

Customizable and Configurable

Each of our solutions is configurable and customizable according to your business structure, category, goals and unique requirements.

Our team takes pride in always giving the best technical support with courtesy and efficiency.​

Best Business Practice

Our in-house experience relates to multiple years of collaboration with Industry leading companies to provide technology-based answers by understanding the problems they face and delivering the correct solution.​

What We Can Do

Software Development Services

Customized Systems

As every company grows, so do the demands on their systems. To ensure your systems keep pace with the ever-increasing demands, GDIS as a world-class software development company can assist in enhancing your existing applications or design and build a replacement using the latest technologies.

Data Lifecyle Management

One of the biggest challenges in todays’ business is coping with the massive quantities of data produced and the efficient handling of it to remain competitive without inflating costs.

Dashboard and Report Development

Secure, accurate, multi layered, graphical visibility and efficiency in statistical information in a presentation layer is the optimum way for any business or Project to manage KPI and financial data to make informed decisions.

Software Products

Data Cleansing / Structuring (ProData)

Support the major activities of big data validation, cleansing and supply of structured classification, coding, purchase descriptions and multi Manufacturer and Part No. for ERP related systems (SAP/Oracle/Microsoft)​.

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Procurement and Material System (ProPAM)

Fully integrated Material and Procurement application managing the entire business process cycle from material creation through to warehouse receipt issue with seamless data integration. Key features include customizable form templates, central master value management and fully integrated CFIHOS Supplier data collection capability.

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Budget Management Software (ProCost)

Ensure your Company keeps pace with the ever-increasing requirement of Projects to manage budgeted costs versus actual costs. Designed and built using leading edge technology to provide efficiency in use without compromise to work processes or security.​

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Asset Management Software (ProTag)

Manage and track all your Company assets in an environment which is secure and efficient. All assets including software, hardware, equipment and spare parts can be managed, maintained, reserved, checked out and checked in from a single point of entry.

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Learning Management System (ProEdu)

ProEdu provides you with a happy learning experience! ProEdu adopts online learning management system (LMS) which is beneficial to a wide range of organizations, including higher education institutions and corporations.

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