Document Management System

One of our current Projects is a Document Management System that helps small to medium sized businesses manage their documents and see the flow and relations of the available documents. We make it easy for your team to collaborate on projects without having to worry about where the documents are located as you determine the location of the repository (AWS, Google etc) which means there is no longer a requirement for large expensive physical storage repositories just because of meta data storage. 

Using state of the art technology and nodular relationship tracking of meta data there is no further need to search through records or e-mails to find when a document was issued, who it was issued to and at what revision.


Problem Diagnosis

There are 2 main users who will use the Document Management application, Client who are mostly the company stakeholder and User who are employees. Some of the main use cases are as follows:

      • Client can manage License
      • Client can manage User
      • Clients can view available documents
      • Client can see document Nodes
      • Users can manage documents and required actions
      • Full revision control and location management

In carrying out the design process, we found inspiration from several management applications, especially our application related to certificate management as this application had a similar design structure.

Final Design


Never get lost in a sea of documents again. You’ll always be able to see which documents come before and after, and where they’re located in relation to each other.

Small to Medium size Business Friendly

An intuitive and flexible Document Management System that’s great for small to medium sized businesses across multiple business types where there is a need to manage documentation flow and storage in a user-friendly application without the need to invest in costly systems which frees up Company capital to assist in growth.

Revision tracking

Change tracking gives you a history of all changes to your documents, so you can always come back and find the right version or identify past changes

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