Food & Beverage Mobile App

Clients required a simple app to buy items directly from the kitchen in the F&B Industry where the Chefs can select the desired item(s), enter the quantity of the item(s) and select the delivery time.

The items shown are from different suppliers. If the customer selects multiple items from different suppliers, the system generates a purchase order file for each supplier. The payment process is carried out by the finance department who are advised of all transactions

Problem Diagnosis

There are 2 main users of the application, FnB and Supplier.

Some of the main use cases for FnB and Suppliers:

    • FnB can search and select items
    • FnB can see order details
    • Suppliers can see the list of item requests
    • Suppliers can accept and reject item requests

In executing the design, our key goal was ensuring the ordering process was as simple as possible whilst also incorporating all the process driven checks and balances in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

Final Design

Powerful filtering and search options

Whether you’re looking for a specific ingredient, searching by cuisine, or selecting your favorite restaurant, the app can be tailored to meet all of your needs.



Order Management

FnB can view and update order details, Suppliers can see the list of all the orders from restaurants and can decide whether they want to accept or reject each request

Easy to use

With a B2B model in mind, our goal was to make the app as easy to use as possible for all members of the FnB industry and we believe that both the interface and workflow should reflect this simplicity and friendly ease of use to meet this goal.

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