Data Cleansing & Material Restructuring Platform

An integrated suite of applications that streamlines core data processing, classification and restructuring where there is a requirement for reliable, validated and duplication free Master Data in an ERP or other type of environment with functional group requirements such as Inventory, Purchasing, Maintenance, Manufacturing, Production, Accounting/Finance etc.

A unique feature of ProData is the proprietary functionality to cater for the hierarchal classification structure and templates related to the emerging cross industry standard commonly known as Capital Facilities Information Handover Specification (CFIHOS) which comes under the auspices of the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP).

The key initiative of CFIHOS is to produce, oversee and maintain industry standard equipment specifications which can be used across multiple Industry groups for Information Handover. With 80+ key Owner Operators, Engineering Contractors Software Providers, Equipment Suppliers and Academic Institutions, CFIHOS is a large part of the future of Information Management. GDIS is a CFIHOS Member and active participant   

Organize Your Data Efficiently

ProData was built by Cataloguers for Cataloguers with three key standards inbuilt (NATO NSC, UNSPSC, eCl@ss) this feature-rich application can take all the pain out of your Company’s desire to have structured, clean and credible data. ERP related data requirements are uniquely catered for using dynamic description building tools and multiple Manufacturer and Part No relationship mapping.

A key benefit of the usage of ProData is the integral CFIHOS classification structures and templates​ for individual Project usage and enhancement to cater for such items as OEM spare parts including  interchangeability featuring multiple Manufacturer and Part No.

data Structuring

Key Features

Encrypted User Access with Password and Pin Code

Multi layer security consisting of initial Username and Password providing access to a second layer requesting Project and Sub Project selection with further 4 numeric pin validation requirement to allow application access. 

The Project / Sub Project selection is filtered to only display combinations accessed by the Roles and Permissions defined for the specific Username.

Pin code requirement can be different for every Project / Sub Project combination and is managed by the User.

Enhanced application security ensures that information related to Username, Password, Pin Creation and authentication is encrypted thus ensuring the highest levels of security.

Electronic Stage Based Review and Acceptance Workflow

ProData provides workflow driven review and acceptance status updates at each and every step in the Data Cleansing/Restructuring process. 

Master data can be presented to the Client at any point in the process  for review and/or acceptance to proceed. 

The Client will be given preview access to the completed data to review and approve the Classifications, Short Descriptions, Long Descriptions and Manufacturer and Part No. information as part of the final review and approval for the Project .

Proprietary High-Performance Fuzzy Logic Duplicate Search

Proprietary high performance “Fuzzy Logic” search technology identifies duplicates in the Legacy Data load files efficiently and accurately.

Search criteria related to required results is based on multi selection of columns and/or fields which can then be further enhanced through the use of a sliding scale level of accuracy.

Duplicate Item results are grouped and presented based on predefined search criteria and can be further managed through on-screen selection of saved and deleted records which are then made available for batch assignment for further data enrichment.

Multi Client, Project and Sub Project Capability

Client Master facilitates the recording of detailed information including Unique Company ID, Company Name, Address Details, Contact Person, Phone Number, E-Mail Addresses etc. A single Client can have multiple Projects/Sub Projects in the same database but securely separated using Password and Pin access. 

ProData facilitates the management of individual Project / Sub Project information and work scopes including the Project, Sub-Project, Project Details, Start Date, End Date, Proposal Number, Contract Number, etc.

Role and responsibility assignment is related to single Project / Sub Project combinations


Interactive KPI and Progress Dashboard Reporting

The first screen presented to the User is the Project Dashboard which will provide live statistical information on the status of their Project to date.

The information will be presented at an overall Project Level, Weekly Progress Level and then broken down into specific Data Cleansing process categories.

This information can be further used to present  Project statistical Client reporting, KPI information can be broken down to individual performance which can be rolled up to summary Project level.

All data held in ProData is available for multi level dynamic reporting.

Phase Based Data Cleansing Assignment and Item Status

Data Cleansing in ProData is defined into four distinct and separate functions. Each Client can select required level of Data completeness.

Level 1 is the initial level of Data Cleansing and is the assignment of Material Group & Class based on the approved structure from the Project  Classification Standard. 

Level 2 is Partial Cleansing is the restructure of existing Item data to provide an enhanced description of the item which facilitates fuzzy logic duplication identification

Level 3 is Data Enrichment where the Client Data will be description enhanced based on verified references.

Level 4 is a combination of all including Physical Checking

ERP Structured Items: Short and Long Descriptions, Multiple Manufacturer and Part No to Single Material Code

ERP applications are rigid in allowable data structures and classifications. The Item short description is normally used by the ERP application for internal searching.

Using pre-defined Material Item templates, the assigned Cataloguer(s) can rebuild the Material Item Purchase Description (Long Description) using structured Group and Prompt Lists of Values to meet the requirements of the ERP application

The Short Description will be automatically generated based on proprietary logic taken from Prompts and Values used to create the Long Description. 

A key feature of ProData is the ability to manage multiple Manufacturer and Part No. against a single material code  for spare part interchangeability. 

Inbuilt International Classification Standards: UNSPSC, NATO Codification & eCl@ss

Classification and reclassification is significantly streamlined by the internal mapping processes which reside within the master tables in ProData that map the standards of NATO, eCl@ss and UNSPSC.

The restructure or enhancement of individual items in ProData is further enhanced through the use of specific Iso Standard Lists of Values (LOV) which are available at the Characteristic Prompt level and can be activated at the Characteristic Template building phase.

The overall design of ProData also included the capability to manage Brownfield restructuring, reclassification and data enhancement in accordance with CFIHOS standards for equipment. 

CFIHOS Asset Tag Equipment Template Management and Classification Heirarchy Structuring

ProData incorporates the entire CFIHOS standard for classification into an efficient and user-friendly toolset for the submission of data sets for Project Tag related equipment.

ProData also includes the capability to manage Brownfield restructuring, reclassification and data enhancement in accordance with CFIHOS standards for equipment. 

For each piece of Engineered Equipment (Tag) the ProData application presents a full suite of data requirements related to General Data, Engineering Data, OEM Data, Engineering Documentation, OEM Documentation Alternative Description and Multi Image Upload all of which is available for use in accordance with Project requirements.