Procurement and Material System

ProPAM is a state of the art, comprehensive world-class, Project Management and Supply Chain application that runs on any device linking to the secure “cloud” or locally on your own protected servers.  It allows local or multi-national capital-intensive Projects to be run from anywhere and everywhere with exceptional visibility, forecasting and exception reporting via the screen, reporting systems, Dashboards and Alert systems.

Legacy upgrade may not equate to value for money

The experience of deploying and supporting Project Management Systems on major Projects over many years clearly defines the need to take advantage of the latest technologies to provide efficiency, scalability, automation, unparalleled configuration, dynamic dashboard reporting, and cost-effectiveness without compromising processes functions.

The disadvantage of time in the technology delivery space especially in the more expensive higher end operating platforms is the challenge of enhancement and upgrade of older technologies which in many cases inhibits further investment.

GDIS are using the latest technologies to bring the best of those tried and tested systems to a new platform in a radically different, streamlined, efficient, user-friendly cloud-based application called ProPAM.  

Bringing the successful legacy into the Future

Built on the legacy of systems that have successfully managed 5 of the 10 biggest, global Energy projects over the last 20 years as part of 710 total Projects, ProPAM has the very latest future-proofed “built from the ground up” technology to provide power and flexibility behind a deceptively easy but highly effective operational set of screens.

Advanced & Up to Date

ProPAM has a higher single set of integrated, proven and automated functionality than any other mission-critical system from supporting Engineering, through Document Management, Materials Management, Procurement, Inspection, Expediting, Logistics, Warehouse Operations, Construction, Contractor Oversight Management, CFIHOS requirements capture, Workplanning and Invoice Management.  What is not directly included in ProPAM because clients prefer their own, heavily invested 3D CAD, Planning, Cost Management SAP payment systems etc which are supported through a sophisticated interface management system. This ensures that ProPAM fits dynamically into the corporate landscape providing the oft-cited “single set of the truth”.


ProPAM is available at such a very competitive price point because of the capitalised new technology and system development revolutions that has taken place in recent years. These savings can now, at last, be passed on to the client in these recognised times of critical overheads, inhouse IT rising costs, loss of expertise across the industry these last 5 years and skilled manpower shortages. ProPAM is the solution facing the sector today. 

What Makes ProPAM Different

Probably the most cost-effective “total package” solution in the marketplace. The experience and knowledge of building, deploying and managing the predecessor to ProPAM whilst also capitalizing on all the new technologies that brings efficiency and cost reductions, coupled with the “best in class” component selections ensures ProPAM delivers.

Provides the lowest “out-turn” cost of the project avoiding un-planned material shortages, overages and increased costs due to fixing problems. Avoiding material and document delays and proper warehouse to hand provision avoids idle time on site of which on a moderate sized project, when late, is more than the cost of this system every day

Proven work-practices embedded but with capability to plug in/out and adapt. Preconfigurable Data Entry forms ensures focus is very much on required data whilst also ensuring Project and Third-Party personnel are not confused with large data entry screens where 75% of the information displayed is not required when related to their function.

Easy to learn. This is a big system but has powerful consistency – learn one screen and you have learned them all.

Rigorous adherence to procedure, codes, data integrity and best practice is enforced allowing new inexperienced staff to still be 100% effective in moving the project forward with minimal training.

Key Features

Any Project, any scale, any set of functionality in any combination

Totally on-line, immediate live data with built in audit, change history and push-forward prediction

Multi-Language screens

AI-like automatic “eyes and ears” to ensure no surprises are coming down the road – we like “boringly” executed projects

Astonishing flexibility, out the box and on the fly

Total visibility – where you should be – and where you are – and what to do about bringing the schedule and costs back on track when trends become apparent