Asset Management System

Manage your Company assets in real-time with the ProTag Asset Management System. Monitor asset usage, schedule maintenance,  calculate ROI, expense, and capital asset value automatically.​

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Why Choose


Accurate Asset Reporting

Single source of all information related to all Asset Tags including Purchase, Location, Ownership, Maintenance, Audit and Depreciation ensures that all reporting is not only accurate but also reflects the exact status at that point in time.  

Audit Process simplified with automation and reporting

Audit reporting and the selection and timing of Audits are fully catered for in ProTag, once an Audit schedule for an Asset is in place alerts will advise on tasks such as Audit in X days, Audit Due or Overdue. Each Asset will have its own Asset Audit history available for reporting and download through the default report or a Customized Project report

Asset Maintenance is structured and scheduled efficiently

All forms of maintenance are catered for including Preventative, Upgrade, Calibration, Yearly Servicing or any other defined durations. Information recorded includes type, start date, end date, Supplier and costs with full reporting and alert reminder capability 

Efficient Utilization of Assets through visibility and location Information

A major part of the functionality of ProTag is in the digital and transactional footprint related to each Asset Transfer, Spare Part, Component, Consumable, Licence, Certification, Cost, Software, Maintenance Activity  and Location related to  any Asset recorded in Protag. Reporting can be graphically and in Project required formats or extracts.

Realizing cost benefits by optimal use of Assets

An Asset Management System is to ensure efficiency in the recording, movement maintenance and costing of all Company Assets in an environment where accurate Asset information is readily available both visually and in reporting formats. This ensures optimal use based on accurate usage information thus providing accurate Corporate spend analysis.

Easy to locate and manage fast moving Assets

ProTag will assist your Project/Company to track every aspect of your Asset inventory which provides accurate cost, spare part, maintenance depreciation analysis. All of these items help to plan realistic budgets, spare part and consumable re-order points with the added advantage of accurate data being made available for future negotiation and purchase.

Key Features

Multi Client, Project and Sub Project Capability

Using the latest server multi tenancy technologies, ProTag has the capability to host multiple Projects for a single Client. This technology can also host multiple Clients and multiple Projects for small to medium sized Companies where server space is a deciding factor.

Project Asset libraries can be developed and updated over time based on external process-based actions automatically updated into the Asset Master Data in ProTag

Asset handover from a Project to Client Operations can be facilitated in a similar way making the entire process seamless and efficient.

Track and Trace on Accessories, Consumables, Components, Licences and Ownership

A feature of ProTag is the ability to record and display information related to the history of an individual item at any level and the “associations” that item will have during the life span of its usage.

Components are registered as Component Tags which allows all Components to be managed, costed, maintained and depreciated as a unique item.

Software Licence Management facilitates unlimited software registration, individual licence tracking, licence cost assignment to individual or asset with full check out/check in history.

Accessory and Consumable Management are managed in similar fashion with unlimited registration, assignment tracking, Inventory cost assignment and Min/Max volume tracking.

Mobile and Tablet capability allowing 24hr Asset Status and Location Visibility

ProTag is designed to be both Mobile and Tablet compatible with each screen presenting information in a working format.

Through the use of the latest technologies the inherent functionality enhances the user experience and provides access to all application functions to manage content and updates from any location. 

All Asset groups are available and can be managed from a handheld device allowing for field and warehouse use or any remote location where Asset updates and movements are required 

For presentation of statistical master data when accessed by the Corporate level user as high-level graphical Dashboard information directly from a handheld application.

User Role Based Access, Permissions, Departments Locations, Approvals and Asset Ownership

All Users are registered to a Company where they are assigned a Company Unique ID. The hierarchy feature in ProTag further defines the position, department, location and direct line manager who in turn follows the same hierarchy.

User permissions to access ProTag can be via Username/Password or enhanced to follow LDAP and/or Two Factor Authentication(2FA).

Asset ownership follows similar secure identification and acceptance protocols where individuals are required to digitally sign for issued Assets

ProTag is flexible in security, roles and permissions and can be configured to specific Project requirements as part of the start up configuration.


Automatic Asset Depreciation and Degradation Calculation and Reporting

All Assets can be automatically depreciated over time  with Project defined time-based models which are defaulted based on the Asset definition selection criteria.

Degradation dates are automatically calculated and displayed based on Original Cost, End of Life (EOL) rate and depreciation model selection.

Depreciation reporting is on demand and can be exported to excel automatically. Project specific reporting can be developed based on layout and field inclusion definition.

Further “on the fly” reporting based on selection criteria is available as a ProTag default

Asset Audit Alerts, Tracking, Management, Reporting and Appointment Timing Capability

ProTag comes with a full alert and reminder e-mail generating capability and covers any form of reminder required by the Project some of which are already default including Audit Reminders, Inventory Min/Max, Asset Check Out/Check In, Expiring Licences, Asset Signature, Asset Receipt Confirmation etc.

The flexibility in the alert capability means that literally any task where there is a Project requirement to have advanced knowledge of an action or an activity which exists in ProTag a specific notification can be developed to cater for this need.

Each Project will have different needs and once a requirement is defined and agreed it can be catered for.

Multi Alert for Maintenance, Renewals and Parts

A large component of the tracking and alerting capability of ProTag is the ability to manage and alert on maintenance tasks for any recorded Asset this also includes for End of Life (EOL) alerting in advance.

Maintenance schedule reporting is  already available, however specific Project or Client reporting requirements can also be developed to meet the Project / Client needs

The flexibility in the management of form data in Protag allows us to add specific fields for specific types of data capture this ensures that monitored dates and spare part life cycle is all available for reporting, alerting and reminding to any distribution.