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Our Journey

Our company was borne out of a desire to deliver best in class systems and services but in an environment that nurtured innovation, mentoring, growth and teamwork. The experience of designing, developing and supporting execution and transactional systems for several major global Companies over a period of 30+ years clearly confirmed there are better ways to deliver applications without compromise on quality, efficiency and value.

Established in early 2018 we could be classed as a young company; however, most of the team members have worked together for up to 16 years and have a great understanding of each other’s skills and capabilities which is a major asset in delivery. We are of the same mindset with regards to direction and desire to deliver both our internal systems and Client systems using the best tool sets and development techniques in a collaborative environment where discussion, design challenge and consensus are at the forefront.

Our sister company GDIS INNOVATIONS PTE. LTD. is a fully incorporated and registered Singapore Company. PT GDIS Inovasi Indonesia is our sister Indonesian Company and registered as an “A” Class Company which is the highest level of registration which allows us to participate in Government tenders as well as the delivery of major Indonesian and International Projects.


We want to be recognized as delivering the best business friendly solutions with innovation, flair, ethics and honesty​

Our Vision

The vision of this Company is to become a recognized market leader in the provision, implementation and support of secure web-based software application packages. This will be achieved through the use of technology designed and built with the benefit of extensive experience. The intention is to provide management and integration solutions which are efficient, secure, innovative, and user-friendly while maintaining the highest levels of data integrity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our Customers with high quality, web-based tools and applications using the latest development techniques and technologies. The use of best-in-class tools and skill sets will ensure our Customers become satisfied repeat Customers who recognize us as the best solution provider option for delivery of secure and efficient Project / Operations Management systems and tools. ​


Our people, skills and experience give us the ability to understand problems and provide potential answers quickly. Working with small independent companies to multibillion dollar international companies across major industry streams allows us to solve problems based on a can do attitude