What Makes ProEdu Better

It is a web-based software or application that can be utilised by all users, schools, teachers, students, and parents. This collaboration can create a dynamic, efficient, and interactive learning environment in an all-digital world.


ProEdu can assist in the implementation of learning either offline, online or both (hybrid)


The wide choice of activities provided at ProEdu will trigger the institution’s creativity in presenting learning materials


Wide range of learning topics at affordable prices. Digital also eliminates or reduces transport costs making the experience available to a broader audience.


The features of Forum and Chat can be used by teachers, parents, and students for communication.


Applications can be accessed whenever and wherever you are in both desktop and mobile-friendly formats.

ProEdu Features

Multi Platform

Proedu can be used both via smartphones and desktops anywhere and anytime as long as the device is connected to the internet.


The forum can be used to start any topic of discussion, however the functionality is certainly not limited to just this, as the forum can also be used to provide announcements related to the learning process.


Direct Message is one of the features for communicating directly to students or parents

Interactive Learning Media

Proedu has many types of activities that support delivery of information in a more interesting and interactive manner. Such as: Photo Gallery, Video, E-book, and Games

Report and Grading

Every institution will have their own grading scale and assessment items for an activity. ProEdu has a feature for the institution to set this. Feedback column is another feature which is available to provide testimonials to students in the learning process.


The badge feature indirectly motivates students in completing the learning process and is a fun non-serious competition between students.