Budget Management System

Ensure your Company keeps pace with the ever-increasing requirement of Projects to manage budgeted costs  versus actual costs. Designed and built using leading edge technology to provide efficiency in use without compromise to work processes or security.​

Budget Summary

Why ProCost

Accurate Project Spending

Visibility of cost to date expenditure, budgets, cost claims and assessed value are all key components in managing Project finances. ProCost produces live information giving instant visibility of Project spending.

Online Budget Creation

The key benefit of online budget creation is unlimited budget development based on Project requirements. Hierarchical budget structure capability provides visibility of Initial Budget, Forecast Cost, Variance Cost and Committed Cost as a Cost Summary with multi-level drill down allowing for a Work Programme to be split into separate scopes of work with their own budget structure.

Project Budget Commitment

Committed costs are managed from the lowest level and can dynamically roll up to the Project and Programme level. Submitted Certifications are assessed and validated for Value of Work Done (VOWD) prior to approval. Committed Cost is shown as a Budget Summary item at the Project level and at the Programme level.  

Live Project Financial Reporting

The efficiency in the design of ProCost ensures that Project Reporting is a multi-layer live version of the Programme and Project(s) Budget, Change Management and Performance at any given time. This information can be presented in graphical / tabular formats as defined by the Project.  


Drill Down Spending Detail

Budgeted, Forecast and Committed Cost information including allowances, contingency  and previous payments are all presented as values from the Programme level down to the individual activity level. 

Budget Change Management

The key to fiscal prudence is directly related to how Project budgets and approved changes are managed through the submission, review and approval cycle. ProCost manages this process with efficiency and visibility and ensures each step of the process is displayed automatically in the Budget Cost Summary  with full auditable transactional history to further assist in ensuring success of your Project. 

Key Features

Dashboard and Report Development

User Friendly Dashboard

Key Project Budget KPI graphical information delivered on a central Project Dashboard. Secure role-based access ensures information presented is appropriate for the Project role. Graphical data presentation provides key information in formats that allows for rapid focus and decision making.

Budget Summary

Cost Structure Overview

The hierarchical Cost Management structure in ProCost is fundamental in the management of Original Budgets, Change Management and Cost submission processing. The ability to produce Cost Forecasts for activities across the Project which includes allowances for provisional and contingency funding ensures Project visibility in Project spend and recorded Project Risks.


Live Reporting

A key benefit of centralized information storage is the ability to generate and present live reporting. Graphical and tabular information can be presented in real time and is key in the early identification of budget risk to Project Management.

Procost Language

Customized Terms & Multi Languages

ProCost provides the capability to define and configure terms related to your specific Project(s) which makes management of Budgeting and Change tasks relatable and efficient.


Performance Indicator

The use of graphical Key Performance Indicators (KPI) provides a live means of evaluating Project Cost efficiency, effectiveness and results whilst also providing Project Management with key relatable information regarding overall Cost Budgeting performance to date.

Budget Management System