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PT GDIS INOVASI INDONESIA have a range of applications available to fit your project needs. The strength and efficiency of your applications originates from subject knowledge coupled with the best technical design, providing our Clients with functional and business process effieciency

Budget Management System

Ensure your Company keeps pace with the ever-increasing requirement of Projects to manage budgeted costs versus actual costs. Designed and built using leading edge technology to provide efficiency in use without compromise to work processes or security.

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Budget Management System
Data Management

Asset Management System

Manage and track all your Company assets in an environment which is secure and efficient. All assets including software, hardware, equipment and spare parts can be managed, maintained, reserved, checked out and checked in from a single point of entry.

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Learning Management System

ProEdu provides you with a happy learning experience! ProEdu adopt online learning management system (LMS) which is beneficial to a wide range of organizations, including higher education institutions and corporations.

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Budget Management System
Budget Management System

Data Cleansing & Structuring Application

An integrated suite of applications that streamlines core data processing, classification and restructuring where there is a requirement for reliable, validated and duplication free Master Data in an ERP or other type of environment with functional group requirements such as Inventory, Purchasing, Maintenance, Manufacturing, Production, Accounting/Finance etc. 

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Procurement and Material System

Fully integrated Material and Procurement application managing the entire business process cycle from material creation thru to warehouse receipt and issue with seamless data integration. Key features include customizable form templates, central master value management and fully integrated CFIHOS Supplier data collection capability.

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Data Management
Data Management

Data Lifecycle Management

A key service GDIS can provide relates to the cleansing, restructuring and classification of a Company’s master material data. Over time most Companies collect duplication in their material master which is compounded in many cases by the ERP applications having no ability to put “intelligence” into the code assigned to a material item, they only produce a running number which means an identical material item can exist as a record many times.​

The GDIS inhouse cataloging team with full access to our Prodata software can eliminate this duplication using proprietary fuzzy logic data scanning, classification validation, characteristic structure checks and automated material item ERP description rebuild of the master data ensures accuracy in ERP Enterprise Reporting.

Customized System

We are experts in software design, development and customization with decades of experience in house available to Clients to ensure the best solution for their business. We discuss, review,  collaborate, listen to ideas and provide guidance based on professional experiences to deliver the best fit for our Client. ​

Our software development skills are the starting point for building applications that will delight your business community with their rich functionality, security, speed, and efficient user screens.​

Customize System

Our Technologies

.NET Core
SQL Server
Power BI
Microsoft IIS
Windows Server
Google Cloud Platform
Amazon Web Service
Google Cloud Platform