Asset Management for Company

Asset management enables companies to maximize return on investment and minimize losses. Assets are valuable items that benefit a company or organization. Asset management enables stakeholders to track the overall performance and health of their assets and ensure they are used efficiently throughout their useful life.

ProTag, one of our products, will be the perfect choice for your company’s asset management system. ProTag can manage and maintain all assets including equipment, computers, laptops, desks, vehicles and all types of assets with monetary value.


Protect Your Assets

The Importance of Asset Management

The purpose of implementing an asset management system in a company is to:

  • Helps ensure the ownership status of company assets.
  • Makes it easy to count the wealth and age of your own assets.
  • Control features to keep assets high and durable.
  • Minimize costs over the life of the plant.
  • The means to ensure that an asset can generate maximum profit.
  • A guide on how to best use and utilize assets.
  • For asset protection purposes.
  • As a reference for preparing balance sheets in inventory team accounting.

How ProTag Manage Your Asset

Asset Maintenance is structured and scheduled efficiently

Always monitor your asset health and usability

All forms of maintenance are catered for including Preventative, Upgrade, Calibration, Yearly Servicing, or any other defined durations. Information recorded includes type, start date, end date, Supplier, and costs with full reporting and alert reminder capability 

Track Your Asset Anywhere & Anytime 

Mobile & tablet capability allowing 24hr asset status and location visibility

ProTag is designed to be both Mobile and Tablet compatible with each screen presenting information in a working format. Through the use of the latest technologies the inherent functionality enhances the user experience and provides access to all application functions to manage content and updates from any location.

Get Notified When Certain Item is Running out

Make sure on item availability

Certain items are very important for the running of the company. so the company must always be aware so that the items do not run out and interfere with the business. ProTag has a feature to set a minimum quantity of consumables and notify managers when the consumable items are running low.

Calculate the Total Value of Your Assets

Get your current asset value with the ProTag depreciation report

All Assets can be automatically depreciated over time using Project defined time-based models which are based on the Asset type selection criteria. Degradation dates are automatically calculated and displayed based on Original Cost, End of Life (EOL) rate and depreciation model selection.

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