Asset Management for Schools

The latest challenge for schools today is the demand to provide the best learning media along with technological developments. Therefore, schools usually have many devices to assist teaching and learning activities or administration, these devices are spread throughout the school, in every classroom, in the Teacher’s Room, computer lab and in certain other places, or even held by people. These devices are school assets that need to be monitored for their location, depreciation, maintenance, and end of life, therefore schools now need efficient user-friendly asset management software to help manage their assets.

ProTag, one of our products would be the perfect choice for your school’s Asset Management System. Using ProTag all assets including devices, computers, laptops, desks, sports equipment, school vehicles, or even school buildings in fact all types of assets which have a monetary value can be managed and maintained by ProTag.

Why do Schools need an Asset Management System?

The purpose of implementing an asset management system in schools is to:

  • Maximize and track the usability of school equipment
  • Ensure the availability of assets such as PC, science equipment, and sports equipment to students and teachers
  • Make sure the equipment needed to run the school is always in working condition
  • Get reminded by the system for asset maintenance schedules
  • Achieve effective management of a school’s entire assets in a cost-effective way

How ProTag Manage Your Schools Asset

Make a simple Check in/Check out Process

Speed up your asset deployments

Ensures your school assets are under control. Our built-in label generator will help you tag and trace each of your assets. You can easily track asset value, location, condition, and maintenance in one user friendly location.

Track Your Asset Anywhere & Anytime 

Mobile & tablet capability allowing 24hr asset status and location visibility

ProTag is designed to be both Mobile and Tablet compatible with each screen presenting information in a working format. Through the use of the latest technologies the inherent functionality enhances the user experience and provides access to all application functions to manage content and updates from any location.

Calculate the Total Value of Your Assets

Get your current asset value with the ProTag depreciation report

All Assets can be automatically depreciated over time using Project defined time-based models which are based on the Asset type selection criteria. Degradation dates are automatically calculated and displayed based on Original Cost, End of Life (EOL) rate and depreciation model selection.

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