LMS for Employee Onboarding 

Employee onboarding is the process of introducing newly hired employees to a new workplace. It provides the essential organizational information employees need to prepare for their new teams, departments, and company roles. Effective employee orientation allows employees to understand company policies and expectations, complete important paperwork, and answer any questions or concerns they may have before entering a new role.

ProEdu, our LMS product can be a great solution for employee onboarding process. increase the productivity of your employees with an effective online and structured training environment.

The Importance of Efficient Employee Onboarding Process

Employee onboarding is the first interaction employees have with the organization after a lengthy interview process.

  • If the experience doesn’t live up to expectations, your employees may regret their decision to accept a job offer.
  • Negative impressions from a poor onboarding process can influence their perceptions, bias them against the company, and ultimately lead them to quit early.
  • A solid employee onboarding process is necessary to help your new hires settle into their workplace, get to know the company, clarify their career goals, and build good relationships with other employees.
  • An unforgettable onboarding experience not only makes employees feel at home, but also helps them integrate more quickly into their existing organizational family.
  • Human resource managers are burdened enough. Just thinking about dealing with the sheer amount of paperwork involved in the onboarding process is enough to cause nightmares.

Therefore, streamlining the employee onboarding process will not only impress new hires, but it will also reduce the workload on the HR team.

How ProEdu Helps Your Employee Onboarding

Everything is Online

Say goodbye to mountain of paper used for paperworks, handbooks, user manuals, etc.

Employee Onboarding is often a challenge. You need to schedule meetings, provide classrooms, hire trainers, and provide printed materials. You can eliminate these costs with online onboarding. Online onboarding requires fewer employees. Great onboarding also ensures that your new hires become more productive and start generating revenue faster.

Support Any Device

Mobile & tablet capability allowing both Employee & HR connect in a flexible way

In this generation of technology, we live in a multi-device world where knowledge is at our fingertips. Millennials are used to multiple devices and are always on the go. In such a hurry, they want uninterrupted learning across multiple devices, no matter which device they start from. With ProEdu mobile and capability, employees can learn on their own schedule and at their own pace, helping them absorb more information and retain it better..

Conduct an online Test

Monitor your new employee progress on onboarding period

ProEdu built-in features allow you to create assignments and Quizzes for your employees. The HR team can monitor employee progress in understanding the work culture or company tools in a comfortable environment.

Provide Forum Activity 

Let your new employees discuss each other 

ProEdu provides a forum activity, allowing new employees to discuss each other. The team supervisor or manager can also join the forum when a difficult the new employees face the difficult problem.

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