eSport & Game Analytics Platform 

The eSport industry is experiencing rapid growth across the globe, including in Indonesia. Our Client felt that Indonesia needed a place to accommodate and bring together eSport players with fellow players and agencies.

GDIS created an eSports & game analytics platform that allows players to use their data to improve their skills, whilst enabling the Government to use it as a reference in supporting and encouraging the birth of future athletes.

Problem Diagnosis

This Project was an esports & game analytic platform which aimed to support the growth of the esports and games industry in Indonesia where there are 3 main users of the platform, namely, Players, Agencies, and Government.

Some of the key advantages of an esports & game analytic platform include:

  • Players can view match result statistics
  • Players can search and view eSports related events
  • Agencies can view player profiles
  • Government can see a comprehensive dashboard with statistical analysis related to players, game usage, performance, location and support channels

With our data, the Government can better understand the market, and make more strategic decisions.

Final Design

Web and mobile friendly

Our platform is designed to be as accessible as possible, so you can access it from any device, anywhere

Our Platform is designed with the end user in mind, making it easy to use for both new and experienced users alike. We are focused on providing value to our customers through our website and mobile app by offering a wide range of services such as live scores, statistics, results history, team rosters, schedules, standings, and much more


Detailed profile pages

All the important information about your gameplay and progress, which can be used for comparison with other players

On the player profile page, you’ll find information about each player’s skill level and experience in different game genres. You can also see in-depth records of every match this player has played with another player on your team or against one of your other teams. There’s even a section where you can compare your team’s stats with those of other teams in your league!

Informative Dashboard

Keep up-to-date with the stats of your favorite games and find out who is at the top of the leaderboards!

The dashboard gives you a quick overview of all the important data about eSport from a detailed breakdown of player performance to an overall scorecard that shows how well the team is doing.

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