Indonesian Port Container Ticketing System

Our client is located within the port facilities of Tanjung Priuk, Indonesia. The customer has a legacy partially manual container system, but the system has limitations and still cannot be used freely. The container service user needs to go to the terminal to request issue of an invoice and manually collect the ticket at the counter. This ticket is then physically passed to the driver to be used for receipt and transportation of the identified container. The Client requested a new design system which would allow Customers to access via a mobile device to easily create and process the tickets.


Problem Diagnosis

There are 4 users who will use this application, ClientTruck VendorGDIS, and Customer. Some of the main use cases of the app are:

    • Customer can place an order for containers
    • Customer can have the option to place a truck order
    • Client can view container order details
    • Truck Vendors can view truck order details
    • GDIS as an intermediary between Truck Vendors and Container Orders can view truck order detail.

When going through the design process, we first review the legacy system’s workflow to understand the work process and the chain of ownership and then provide a redesign mockup based on the data capabilities the system requires to function efficiently.

Final Design

Accessible everywhere

Our system is easy to use on any device, so you can get tickets for your containers anywhere and anytime you need them, 24/7!

User-friendly interface

Our client needs a system that is easy to use and designed for port users with minimal IT knowledge so they don’t need to worry about finding the system too complicated and time consuming.

Faster processing

With the application now becoming a mobile friendly portable system, the Client can now process a Customers container ticket faster and more efficiently than waiting in line and filling out a paper ticket at the counter.

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