Integration and Connectivity

Project Handover is a complex, time and resource consuming task which normally results in multiple Excel workbooks and numerous Access databases. This task is better handled using smart interfaces and applications where the end result of Project Asset Handover is part of the original Project start up tasks where the collation of Asset Master Data is an ongoing dynamic task.


Project agreed Data collected from ProPAM functions are routed through the interface to the Project Master Data.

Project Catalog and Asset Tag information is passed to ProPAM through the electronic interface which validates and confirms acceptance of the data. This interface can be run automatically or as a batch interface

CAD System uploads are released from engineering and uploaded through the proprietary interface where the information is validated against previous releases to confirm quantity updates and new requirements

The CFIHOS standard excel specification templates are converted to digital templates in ProData with additional OEM templates added then passed electronically to ProPAM for third party data collection

Supplier Data Requirements Listings (SDRL) are issued to Suppliers via the Document Management function in ProPAM. CFIHOS templates associated with Asset Tag Purchase Order Line Items are also opened online for Supplier access for required data submissions.

Tag data both internal and external collected in ProPAM creates and updates a Tag record created in ProTag. Master Data is stored and dynamically linked to the appropriate CFIHOS specification

Master Data associated with each Asset is automatically available in ProTag for handover to Client as a replicated ProTag database or alternatively as a full data extract from the current Project ProTag database.