LMS for Company Knowledge Management System 

A Knowledge Management System is a system owned by an organization to identify, create, describe and share knowledge for relearning. This is done to achieve organizational goals. It is expected that all parties in the organization will have a good understanding of how the organization works or knowledge of the business and the best way to enhance this knowledge is through the use of a Company Learning Management System. Knowledge learnt will assist the employees and the business to be sustainable and successful.

ProEdu, our LMS product can be one of the best solutions as your Companies Knowledge Management System. 

The Importance of a Knowledge Management System

The role of knowledge management in business is often misunderstood. Companies that have successfully implemented a robust Knowledge Management System are often able to increase profits, improve customer service and save money.

  • Knowledge Management System can help organizations make the most of their employees knowledge.

  • An effective Knowledge Management System helps your organization share information, improve internal collaboration and boost employee engagement.

  • A good Knowledge Management System can help you leverage tribal knowledge.

  • A Knowledge Management System can help your company share best practices.

  • Sharing information can help prevent duplication of work

  • A good Knowledge Management System helps improve customer service and sales.

  • A good organizational Knowledge Management System improves processes and increases profits

In the end, it’s all about improving your organization’s performance. A Knowledge Management System can help you do just that by improving employee engagement, customer service and sales. In addition, it also helps organizations make better use of their employees knowledge by sharing information and sharing best practices across departments. If you want to take your company to the next level then implementing a Knowledge Management System is a great way to start!

How ProEdu become Your Companies Knowledge Management System

LMS for Knowledge Management System

Support the company by providing a platform for training, learning and development of employees.

ProEdu can provide a centralized platform for all the training modules and other relevant information about the organization. This makes it easier for employees to access their required information whenever they want to.

Easy to Use and Understand

There’s no point in having a Knowledge Management System if you don’t know how to use it

Knowledge management systems are a great way to keep your employees up to date on the latest information, but only if you can make them easy to use.

ProEdu allows employees to create, share and find information across the entire organization with a simple user interface and intuitive design.


Create a Separate Knowledge Management Based on Divisions

Enables a company to have a unique and diverse information structure

ProEdu allows a company to separate their knowledge management based on divisions and provides users with a way to organize the information they find into groups or folders based on its subject matter or relevance. This can be useful for companies that have multiple  divisions, such as marketing division, Information Technology, Human Resources, Business Development etc.

If they want to keep the information pertaining to each division separate, they can use our KMS to do so.

Support Any Device

Mobile & tablet capability allowing every employee to learn in a flexible way

In this generation of technology, we live in a multi-device world where knowledge is at our fingertips. Millennials are used to multiple devices and are always on the go. In such a hurry, they want uninterrupted learning across multiple devices, no matter which device they start from. With ProEdu mobile capability, employees can learn on their own schedule and at their own pace, helping them absorb more information and retain it better.

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