LMS for GAIS Montessori School 

Golden Age Islamic School (GAIS) is a private Montessori school in Jakarta with most students in playgroups, kindergartens and primary schools. In 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic swept the world, the government banned schools from holding offline classes and made online classes mandatory. Managing an online school is a new challenge for GAIS, starting with student attendance, providing teaching materials, reviewing assignments, and more. This is done via WhatsApp groups and Google Drive, which is less efficient. Therefore, in early 2022, GAIS decided to develop a learning management system in partnership with ProEdu.

ProEdu covers all GAIS needs, allowing them to easily manage teaching and learning activities online, offline or simultaneously (hybrid).

The Importance of Learning Management Sytem for School

A learning management system (LMS) is a school software application used to develop, implement, and deliver educational programs.

Where and how educators and learners use LMS is becoming more common and diverse for schools, especially in the wake of the 2020 pandemic.

Below we examine 11 benefits of using an LMS in a school.

  1. Organize learning content in one place.
  2. Provide unrestricted access to e-learning materials.
  3. Effortlessly track learner progress and performance.
  4. Reduce learning and development costs.
  5. Resources in multiple formats
  6. Make the organization aware of compliance regulations.
  7. Support the efficient distribution of teaching materials
  8. Integrate social learning experiences.
  9. Parent Access to Students Schedule, Outline, and Assessment
  10. Offers a range of communication options
  11. Digitization of teaching and learning



How ProEdu Collaborates with GAIS

Online Attendance

Say goodbye to mountain of paper used for attendance reports

ProEdu provides Attendance feature that can be used by GAIS teachers for creating an attendance list for all students in a class. This feature can be used for offline classes, where the teacher will record the attendance of students by himself, or for an online class where students can record their own attendance. The teacher can customize the set of attendance statuses such as Present, Sick, late Absent, etc, and give a different point for each. later will achieve the summary of class attendance for a week, month, or all of the time.

Interactive Contents

Give students a fun learning experience

proedu allows teachers to channel their creativity with interactive content features. This feature is very suitable for GAIS considering that most of the students are kindergarten and elementary school students. Fun learning with interactive content can increase their enthusiasm for learning.

Private Folder

Let parents monitor their children daily

GAIS has a routine to provide information to parents about their children`s activities at school. The information can be in the form of photos of activities, as well as teacher reports about the condition of children at school (behaving naughty, fighting, sick, etc. ). The Information is private between teachers and parents, whereas teacher reports about children can only be seen by parents. This can be implemented in ProEdu using Folder and Restrict Access features.

Support Any Device

Mobile & tablet capability allowing both Teacher – Student and Teacher – Parent connect in a flexible way

In this generation of technology, we live in a multi-device world where knowledge is at our fingertips. Millennials are used to multiple devices and are always on the go. In such a hurry, they want uninterrupted learning across multiple devices, no matter which device they start from. With ProEdu mobile and capability, Students can learn on their own schedule and at their own pace, While Parents can monitor their children anywhere and anytime.


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