Material Search Platform 

GDIS provides a web-based material database which is one of the most comprehensive databases in the industry.

The application operates on a secure platform which requires a User to have login and password credentials to access and view the detail of the material item(s). The User can make use of the information for their internal usage or to commercialize the data to other companies or organizations. GDIS provides a website where users / clients can use a powerful search capability to view material data owned by GDIS. The User can then select the items to be subscribed and used by the client.

Problem Diagnosis

This web-based material database search application allows users to perform a variety of actions.

  • Clients can search and view material detail in the master database.
  • Clients can subscribe to material detail information
  • GDIS can download & edit material data as part of ongoing updates and enrichment activities

To ensure access to the material information is as simple and painless as possible, GDIS has designed the new Advanced Search display which allowed us to make the workflow of the system more efficient whilst enhancing the end User experience.

Final Design

Advanced Search

Easily find the materials you need based on their physical properties

Many Users carry out their tasks on a desktop or laptop, but in some industries, users are actually using tablets and mobile devices. With our apps designed to operate seamlessly in all environments we want to ensure that our search capabilities will bring you the pleasant result both visually and functionally.

And in our advanced search we provide the facility to define multiple parameters which increases efficiency and returns accurate results within seconds.


Material Detail Pages

Find everything you need about a specific item of material

Our Material Master Data structure is using and referring to International standards for material detail the displayed results will be known and recognized by recognized and understood by Users across multiple industries. The key benefit of results presented and displayed in a standard quality format ensures the informed decision maker can subscribe and use the information with minimal delay and maximum efficiency.

Simple Material Request

No longer worry about spending hours trying to find the right material, our structured data and proprietary search functionality ensures speed in locating the required material item information.

Our app lets you make simple material requests so that someone doesn’t have to spend hours searching through thousands of materials to find out which ones would work best.  The User is only required to enter some basic information and the system will provide a list of compatible materials from which they can select and subscribe easily!

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