Upgrading a Project Cost Management System 

As a software development company with decades of experience, the team at GDIS know the best solutions come from listening to our Clients and their needs. As an integral part of our onboarding process, we discuss and review your needs, collaborate on ideas, and provide guidance based on our professional knowledge and experience.

An example of this process was in our collaboration with an Australian based Software Company with ownership of a Project Cost Management System. The Client requested a full technical and functional review and recommendations related to a rebuild of the application. The fundamental processes in the application were seen as robust but the Client wanted a full upgrade to the latest technologies and modern User Interface.

The Project Detail

Our Client is one of Australia’s largest, privately owned providers of Quantity Surveying, Project Management and Associated Services and the application required full design, development and deployment enhancement in the first instance to cater for an $850 Million AUD program of construction works for a key Client. A second substantial effort as part of the delivery of this new solution was related to the migration of significant historical data from the legacy system to the new build application.

Some key statistics are as follows:

  • 337 Projects
  • $1,269,365,827.01 Total Money values
  • $1.27 B AUD in Transaction Value
  • 165 Total Registered Companies
  • 457 Total Registered Users
    • 417 Total Active Users

The system needed an update from an outdated approach to a more modern design which also needed mass data migrations.

Steps Taken to Deliver the System Upgrade

Update for Website Interface (UI)/User Experience (UX)

Creates a more modern user experience which is consistent across all screens in the application

The user interface has also undergone some changes, including extensive changes, including new form layouts, new input form pop outs, new color scheme and updated fonts. These updates make it easier for users to navigate through the site and find information they need quickly and easily. All pages in this system have been optimized for mobile devices, which means they will look great on any screen size.


Update for Reporting System

User-friendly design, easier to track progress projects

We created a new on demand reporting page which presents all the information which was defined by the Client as important for the users and includes financials, change management and project status reports. The goal of this reporting dashboard update was to provide users with a simpler and more convenient way to see their budgets, as well as a more visually appealing interface.

Major Data Migration Process

Migrating data from the legacy system into the new build application

The data migration portion of this Project was a massive undertaking. Necessary changes to the coding and table structure of the new application determined that all legacy data must be validated and reconfigured to fit the structure of the new application. A major challenge was in the validation process for the legacy data which was in many instances unstructured and initially failed to pass the quality checks in the validation process. Perseverance in the quality process ensured that in total 223 Projects and $724 M AUD value in Project transactional data was validated and successfully migrated for use in the new application.

Redesign and Update of the Project Dashboard

More intuitive and easy to navigate, with a clean interface that makes it easier for users to find what they need.

The last step in the project was to redesign and develop the Project Dashboard. The new dashboard has been redesigned from the ground up to provide users with a clear view of all relevant budget, transactional and change management information about their project at a glance. It also has a vastly improved layout and clearer data visualization.

Technologies Used in Project




.NET Core





Report Server


Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform

Other Technologies

.NET Core
.NET Core